Welcome to the Home of The University of Sheffield Fencing Club!

The Club

The University of Sheffield Fencing Club is a club suitable for anyone, whether they are an accomplished fencer or never held a sword. The club prides its self in catering to all and having a wide choice of involvement from competing in BUCS competitions, to friendly, all-abilities competition, to giving something a little unusual a go at university, to a way to meet some great friends, or just keep fit.

No experience necessary, no kit needed, 
all you have to do is turn up and enjoy yourself!!

Come along and give it a go whether you want to pay full membership and turn up to every session, or pay weekly and jump in and out of it.

The university fencing club doesn't run just to win matches and find the best talent that's out there. We run to give people opportunities that they may not have previously had at some of the lowest prices within the sport nation wide. 


British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

We currently have two successful teams competing in the BUCS competitions, with the hope of adding a second men's team in the following academic year (2018-19). Although fencing is predominately an individual sport, team matches occur through the addition of everyone's scores and the team spirit does not go a miss. These matches occur on Wednesday afternoons, around 1-5pm, in Goodwin Sports Centre when at home. 

Keep an eye out for the upcoming matches and we hope we see you there to support our brilliant teams!

Annual Paris Tour

Every year we compete in the annual International Fencing Challenge at the Ecole Polytechnique just outside Paris. This is one of the highlights of the year for many members and those few sleep deprived, mad days hold so many amazing memories for year to come. This trip involves getting stuck in to a two day fencing competition (individual and then team) which is a great experience for any fencer, whatever their level, as well as some amazing nights set up by the event organisers, from a 'wine and cheese night' (although I'm still waiting to see more than a block of cheddar) to a black-tie open bar night. Plus, when travelling to the famous city of love, the sites do need to be appreciated, even if it is just the inside of the Paris McDonalds for some hungover members.  


Now it's not just training, competitions and waving a sword around. As a club we run many events throughout the year to suit everyone, from famous sports nights out at Roar to activities such as laser quest or meals out together. Through this, everyone gets a great sense of belonging and being quite a small club, everyone knows everyone and its a great way to meet some really good friends. 

Most of our socials tend to have some sort of theme, so don't be surprised when you have to get out all your old costumes or make some ridiculous outfits, especially with the long awaited charity shop social that we hold every year.

Our socials are basically big excused to go out as a group and not feel guilty about it as its all part of being in a university sports club right? 

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